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Snow World Ski Resort

Come to Beijing and enjoy the pleasures of snow here. Beijing with its inherent culture and ancient traditions is in itself a great city to visit. The pleasures of travel in Beijing are enhanced by the presence of locales which give great thrill and adventure. The Beijing Snow World Ski Resort is one such place.

While here, come to the Snow World Ski resort and experience the best winter sports pleasures in this part of the world. Located around 30 minutes from the Beijing city centre, this is located in the Ming tombs, and is a great tourist attraction in this part of the world.

Spanning over an area of around 500,000 square metres, this is a lovely zone of absolutely fascinating slide ways and this coves an area of 100,000 square metres. With two kinds of slideways, one the secondary and the other the advanced this is a great tourist delight for all those who visit this place. There are 3 international standard slide ways for abecedarian which is around 380 metres long and the veneer slideway which is around 380 metres long. Some of the best skiing tools are found here in the resort and there are around 3000 of them.

The Beijing snow world Ski Resort gives the most enthralling stimulative motorcycle on the land of snow. Then there are the pleasures of the snow flying disk, the ice garden, the romantic sleigh experience where dogs or houses pull the sleigh and of course the snow garden. Experience the best winter resorts sights and enjoy the pleasures of seeing the large ice carving and the ice lantern here.

Open at night this is one ski resort where there is a firework party which provides fireworks for the visitors to fight. The open hour is between 8.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m.

There is a facility for dining and eating. There is a coffee house and western and chinese style restaurants here and they offer you the hotpot, the dinner and the tastiest Beijing cuisine. So gorge into those delicious beaked, stewed, burst and rinsed Beijing roast duck. Hotpot is very popular in Beijing so come to the winter resort and enjoy the cuisine also here.

Transportation is easy here as you have buses which take you across the city and you will have no problem in reaching the place.

The Snow World Ski resort Rate is 400 RMB for four hours on a weekday and 600 RMB on a weekend.

There are tour packages which take you around in the ski resort. So enjoy one of these tours which depart daily by bus. This tour of around 2 days has the pick up point at the hotel in Beijing. You would be taken on a hiking tour of the Great Wall and then you would go to the Hot Springs. After this you can ski which is part of the tour. Enjoy the cable car and the toboggan facility here and experience the pleasures of being in the Snow World Ski resort.

Snow World Ski Resort tour falls on the second day in this planned tour. So here after the breakfast at the hotel , you can visit this lovely ski resort. Changing district is a little away from Beijing, and has the nearest ski locale in this part of the town. The Beijing Snow World Resort caters to the needs of the customers and caters to the needs of the gourmands also equally well.

Come to the Snow World Ski Resort in Beijing and enjoy the benefits of this lovely winter destination in this part of the world.