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Another great Summerfest has come and gone!

Summerfest 2013 was held on Saturday, July 20th, and was a great time. So many Campers worked so hard to make it a success, some deserve special mention:

First and foremost: Anne, whose planning, dedication and hard work in a hot kitchen on a 95 degree day are a testament to her character and constitution - and cooking talent! Anne, you are THE BEST!

We also thank:

Karin, for handling the bulk of the shopping and prep work, and who jumped in to help when needed

Keith, for tables that have never been cleaner

Steven, Joey, Nick & Sepp, who handled the heavy lifting and expert decoration of the Mess Hall

Eileen & Kristina, for arriving early and getting things done, and finally

Ali & Nicole, for their dedication to the 50/50 raffle - though this was a smaller party than in the past, they sold an incredible amount of tickets!




Members, invite your friends to join our activities:

Current friends are future members!


Our annual Club Race was held Sunday, February 10th, after a postponement due to the "Blizzard of 2013." Needless to say, we had good snow, but some of our families couldn't attend due to the schedule change, which was a shame. But we had a great time, and Catamount was very accommodating. Using the best of two runs, here are the results:

Men's Event

1st Place - Chris Monaco

2nd Place - Andy Viru

3rd Place - Steve Viru

Women's Event

1st Place - Camilla Pietras

2nd Place - Andrea Schmidt

3rd Place - Kristina Pennino


1st Place - Luke Monaco

2nd Place - Thomas Viru

3rd Place - Lauren Viru

Honorable Mentions

To up-and-coming Bambinos, Ava & Konrad, for team spirit, and to Rosemarie Krug, for cowbell-ringing!


*See the Bulletin Board for a Highmount nostalgia tour!*