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Big Sky Ski Resort

Skiing is such a lovely pleasures and a great way of spending your winter vacations with comfort and ease. Winter skiing is another way of ensuring that you have the best ways to enjoy winter sports.

But there are many of those who love to have their skiing locales, which are totally uncluttered and also are beautiful with great scenic value. Their laid back nature is what makes the locales so interesting and calm and this is what the tourist needs to experience the best ski memories.

Big Sky Ski Resort is one such place that has a very big turnout and the beautiful 3,812 acre resort has more than 4000 people in one day. The crowd gets difficult to handle at times and the constant efforts of the staff only ensure that the resort is attended well and also is a preferred destination for all sports lovers. There are beautiful ways one can enjoy the lovely ambience here and experience the best of winter sports pleasures.

Here skiers are totally enveloped by a great network of trails that run across the region and these are great sights with the nerve wrecking offerings to the easy pistes that are used for cruising. The Lone Mountain is the mainstay of the Big Sky Ski Resorts and this 11,166 foot mountain has the facility of the Lone Peak tram which travels from the top to the bottom. Experience the most adventurous terrain here and enjoy your descent down this region.

There are beautiful lines in Big Sky and the Castro's Shoulder at a degree of 50 is a lovely sight to behold. This is very prominent, and the Big Couloir with a 42 degree angle is another exciting thing to experience. This is a lovely narrow couloir lined with rocks and is the main attraction here. While the skiers enjoy skiing down the chute, there are many types of equipment that help you to experience this sport. So you have a transreceiever, a partner and a shovel which helps you to enjoy this one time beautiful ski experience.

Big Sky expanded further in the year 2005 by joining hands with the Moonlight Basin resort which is also on Lone Mountain. There is a combined pass and there are snowboarders and skiers who love to enjoy this lovely 5,512 acres with around 25 lifts and more than 220 runs.

Big Sky Ski Resort is thus a nice place to visit for winter sports and is located in the southwestern portion of Montana in the Madison County. It is around an hour from Bozeman via the U.S. Highway Started in the year 1973, Big Sky has become the largest such resort in the last 35 years. It has in fact been marked as the Biggest Skiing in America and riders love to access this beautiful land with the most fascinating landscapes.

Giving the facilities for conferences , corporate retreats and weddings, the Big Sky Resort is a place that also has facilities for golf, Frisbee golf, zip line, hiking, scenic lift rides, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and also tennis.

There are three club communities which are joined to the Big Sky ski resort. There is the private club The Yellowstone Club which also gives around 2,200 acres of private skiing. Then you have the Club at Spanish Peaks which is another lovely area where you can enjoy these pleasures.

The Moonlight Basin is as much a part of the resort and this ski zone opened in the year 2003 is another lovely area to be explored and a great favourite of the people visiting this part of the country.

The resort steadily grew with more lifts being added and more snowboarding facilities being attached. There were many facilities here that were worked on and the Big Sky Ski Resort thus began to be recognized as a prized ski destination in this part of the world.